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With our joint efforts we can make the Community a better place for our Seniors

In the Spotlight

​​Our services are partially funded by The St. Louis Area Agency on Aging, Missouri Foundation for Health, St. Louis Philanthropic Organization, Fundraisers, Donations, Members and Supporters.

​Senior Citizens Day AUGUST 21st

Ann B.

Ann has been a member of the Center since 2005, for 13 years she has donated her time, energy and talent to keep the Center the vital and welcoming place it is.  She provided pictures of the boats used for our beautiful mural, served as President of the Board of Directors for over 10 years, started our Bingo game and as many of us know bakes delicious and beautifully decorated cakes. 

Ann has raised 7 children and she has 11 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren.Before Ann became a Member she owned businesses and worked as a cake decorator for over 25 years.  This experience has benefited the Center in so many ways and we at the Center are grateful for your loyalty and dedication to making the Center a better place for all.  Thanks Ann we love you.

What our Members Love about the Center!

Charlotte D. "Meeting the people and the Friday night Dances".

Maggie S. "The people and Day Trips".

Terry S. "People, travel, games and just about everything".

​Michael Q. "People and socialization".

Mohammed F. "Socialization and fellowship".

Hermann D.  "Transportation and people watching".

Bernice T. "Dances, cards, Bingo and Bunco".

​Pauline B. "Bingo, Dominos and Dances".